Your customer account

Viewing your orders

You can view your recent order history online.

Log in and from the My Account page, choose the My Orders button. You will see that your order history is listed, including order number, date that you placed the order, the total value of the order.

You can use the My Wishlist option to bookmark items you would like to order at a later date. Please note that adding an item to your wishlist does not reserve it for you.

Updating your account information

From time to time you may need to update details on your account such as delivery/billing address. To do this you’ll need to log in and visit the My Account page, then just follow the instructions to make your changes.

Your password

  • For extra security your password should contain both letters and numbers and should be at least six characters long. Placing numbers in the middle of your password is a good tip for security.
  • Choose something that you will remember but avoid things like your own name (or initials), date of birth or address as these all make it easier for someone else to guess your password.
  • Don't choose a password which is the same as one you use for another website.
  • Change your password regularly for added security.
  • Don't share your password with anyone else.

Your card details

For added security, we do not store your card details on this site.

If anyone claiming to be a representative of FPA emails you asking for your card details, ignore the email and contact us to report this immediately.

If you have any concerns about a transaction you have carried out on this site, please contact us immediately.