Just Ask is an innovative project, currently running in Northern Ireland, which aims to improve the sexual health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities. 

The project enables people with learning disabilities to participate more fully in society. This improves their quality of life and challenges the social exclusion they often experience.

Just Ask offers:

  • workshops for people with learning disabilities
  • one-to-one information and support sessions for people with learning disabilities
  • workshops and one-to-one information and support sessions for family carers and support workers of people with learning disabilities
  • training for professionals, including teachers working in schools for students with specific educational needs.

More information about Just Ask

Northern and Western Trust areas
Deborah McGinn
Tel: 028 71 260016
Email: [email protected]

All other areas
Claire Hanna
Tel: 028 90 316115
Email: [email protected]

We enable people to:

  • develop their sexuality and sexual identity
  • achieve sexual health as opposed to sexual ill-health
  • exercise their right to establish adult friendships and relationships.

In 2017-18 we worked with over 700 individuals, including group work, one to one sessions and sessions with parents and carers.

"The other boys in my class all joke about puberty but it really scares me so I feel like I can’t ask them anything or they will make fun of me. So it was good to get all of the information from you today. And with all the questions the other boys were asking it made me realise that they don’t know everything either"

"I didn’t know how to explain to my daughter that she can’t just go up and talk to everyone she meets. She thinks that because she is friendly that everyone is her friend, sometimes she leaves herself so vulnerable. I am going to talk to her about personal space and boundaries."

"I liked learning that it is ok to love a man if you are a man or a woman if you are a woman. My cousin has a boyfriend and sometimes bad people say nasty things to them, they are wrong."

Find out more about Just Ask by watching the video below. Captions are available.