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The Better2Know Full Screen tests for:

  • HIV I/II and the p24 antigen
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Ureaplasma
  • Mycoplasma
Please note: These tests are provided and carried out by Better2Know who will respond with the results.
Is the Full STI Screen accurate?

Yes, Better2Know use a CPA accredited laboratory and these are the most accurate STI tests available.

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The Covid-19 home test requires a combined nose/throat swab sample to be collected and sent back to Better2Know’s accredited UK laboratory for testing.

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The menopause does not have to mean the end of your libido, of sex, of work, or of feeling like who you used to be. The M Word is a complete one-stop guide to the peri-menopause and menopause, covering everything from understanding symptoms to managing relationships to which treatments really work. Discussing HRT as well as self-help and lifestyle tips, this book will be your companion through the years before, during and after the menopause.

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Hormone balance is within reach, and this is the definitive guide for reaching that goal.'-David Perlmutter, MD, author of Grain Brain Prepare to thrive. As women approach menopause, many start to experience the physical and emotional indignities of hormonal fluctuation: metabolic stall and weight gain, hot flashes and night sweats, insomnia, memory loss or brain fog, irritability, low libido, and painful sex.

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Filled with a wealth of invaluable information...after reading this you will feel empowered and ready to take on the world' - Lorraine Kelly OBE The ultimate guide to looking and feeling your radiant best throughout the perimenopause, menopause and beyond 'I have always found it curious that we talk openly about pregnancy and birth but when it comes to an equally important phase in our lives - the menopause - there is an audible silence...

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This is the book that Andrea McLean wished for as she found herself in uncharted territory, grappling with the physical aftershock of a hysterectomy and the psychological fallout of a difficult menopause. Typically candid, covering all you need to know, including tips and tricks on diet, exercise and even your sex life, Andrea brings her trademark humour and honesty to a very hot topic.

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This new Concise Manual takes a straightforward look at menopause. What is it? When does it occur? What can be expected? How can it be managed? Dr Louise Newson is a well-known specialist in menopause and saw the need for a fact-based manual for women and their families. Menopause is a natural condition that affects all women at some stage of their life.

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STI booklet bundle: Code SB018

Trichomonas Vaginalis, 
Non-gonococcal urethritis, 
Thrush and Bacterial vaginosis, 
Genital Warts, 
Genital Herpes


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